Thematic Tracks

Compositional Data Analysis

Chair: Gloria Mateu and Peter Filzmoser

Data Science in Economics, Finance and Management

Chair: Krzysztof Jajuga

Data Science in Social and Political Research

Chair: Theodore Chadjipadelis

Fifty Years of Biplots

Chair: Niel J. le Roux

Functional Data Analysis

Chair: Laura M. Sangalli

Matrix Factorization

Chairs: Mohamed Nadif and Lazhar Labiod


Chairs: Carlos Soares and André Carvalho

Model-based Clustering

Chairs: Salvatore Ingrassia and Geoffrey McLachlan

Network Analysis & Blockmodelling

Chairs: Vladimir Batagelj and Anuska Ferligoj

Optimization in Classification and Clustering

Chairs: Laura Palagi and Veronica Piccialli

Robust Methods

Chairs: Luis Angel García Escudero and Agustín Mayo-Iscar

Statistical Learning and Data Mining

Chair: Hyunjoong Kim

Spatio-temporal Data Analysis

Chair: Koji Kurihara

Symbolic Data Analysis

Chairs: Rosanna Verde and Francisco de Carvalho

Text-mining and Natural Language Processing

Chair: Mohamed Nadif