This page contains information about social events at the IFCS2022 - Classification and Data Science in the Digital Age.

Ice Breaker at the House of Vinho Verde

(at Rua da Restauração, 318, Porto)

Tuesday, 19th July 2022, 18:30 (bus leave FEP at 18:10)

The small palace located in the city centre which once belonged to António da Silva Monteiro, Porto's entrepreneur, was considered in the middle of the last century as "the most luxurious house from Porto". The CVRVV, established here since the middle of the 40ties made some changes to the house, mainly concerning furniture, having kept, however, the original façade and the exterior garden.

The Vinho Verde is an unique product in the entire world with a blending of aroma and petillance that makes it one of the most delicious natural beverages! Medium in alcohol, Vinho Verde has great digestive properties due to its freshness and special qualities.

It is a highly regarded wine, specially for Summer drinking. The malo-lactic fermentation gives it a distinctive taste and personality. The reds are full-bodied wines with an intense colour and a rosy or light red foam. The whites usually present a lemony or straw colour. The strong distinctive character and originality of these wines are the result of soil and climate characteristics and social-economic agents, on one hand, and of the grape varieties and the vinegrowing methods, on the other.

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Welcome Reception: Cocktail at "Praia da Luz"

Wednesday, 20th July 2022, 19:00 (bus leave FEP at 18:10)

Through the large windows of the restaurant and lounge, your gaze rests on the endless Atlantic. The contemporary and relaxing ambience provides a feeling of contemplation and calm. On the wide esplanade overlooking the beach beyond the open air dining area, you will find deck chairs inviting you to spend a bit of time in the sun or to snuggle up under a woolen blanket in the winter on colder days.

And from here you can watch the most beautiful Atlantic sunset. By night, the stars seem to shine even brighter at the mouth of the Douro provides the ideal accompaniment to start your evening.

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Boat Cruise in the River Douro

Thursday, 21st July 2022, 16:00 (bus leave FEP at 15:40)

An opportunity to admire the old city of Porto, with its typical houses and comings and goings of the Ribeira people. As seen from the river, the architectural forms of the city of Porto emerge majestically. It is a dazzling landscape, unique in the world. The natural beauty of the Douro river banks towards Crestuma will be your reason to join us in this cruise you will never forget.

Departure by bus to Vila Nova de Gaia quay. Embark at Vila Nova de Gaia quay. Cruise in the Douro River till the Crestuma Dam Floodgate at Crestuma/Lever Dam - height differential 14 meters. Return to Porto quay.

Price per person: 50.00 €

Conference Dinner at Taylor's Port Wine Cellars

Friday, 22nd July 2022, 20:00 (bus leave FEP at 18:10)

The Conference Dinner will be held at Taylor's Port Wine Cellars. At the famous Port wine producers Taylor's there is a very special ambience. Located high on the south bank of the river Douro opposite the old city centre of Porto, the venue provides spectacular views of the river and its six famous bridges.

Port wine is world-famous and has left its mark on Porto, both through its connections with the export market and through the extensive wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia overlooking the river Douro. Although this wine comes from the schistose lands of the High Douro, it is aged in Vila Nova de Gaia in the semi-darkness of the cellars, in oak-casks or in bottles.

The Dinner is preceded by a commented visit to the cellars at 19:15.

Casual Attire.

Price per person: 60.00 €


Lunch at the conference venue (FEP).

Lunch includes:

• vegetable soup

• main course: choice of meat, fish or vegan; vegan under reservation only

• choice of salad and vegetables

• dessert: buffet of fruit and sweets

• beverages: water, soft drink, wine

• coffee and tea

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Price per lunch: 12.00 €