Student Poster Session Competition Award

on innovative research including applications

1. Description of the award

This award is given biannually up to three graduate students working in the area of Classification, Clustering and related topics who submit a poster to the IFCS Conference. The poster is meant to be largely the work of the student. The poster should involve innovative research, or a novel application, related to some aspect of Classification, Clustering and related topics. Up to three posters will be awarded.

The competition is open to applicants who are students in the fall of the year prior to the competition.

2. Applicability and disbursement of the award

Awards: $200 each award for travel, plus certificate.

Applicability: No award will be granted if there are fewer than 3 applicants. With 3-5 applicants there will be one award, with 6-8 applicants there will be 2 awards.

Disbursement of the award: It is compulsory that a candidate who has been selected for an award attends the IFCS conference and presents a paper in a scientific session. Under this condition, the IFCS Treasurer (or a designated representative by the President of IFCS) shall pay the award and give a certificate to the winners during the ceremony for awards of the IFCS Conference.

3. Application for the award

The competition candidates must submit an abstract for a contributed poster presentation according to the guidelines published in the conference webpage. The young researcher has to provide

• an application form with his/her name and contact details;

• a CV of the candidate with information according to the provided template (CV template).

4. Criteria of the evaluation

Originality of research, impact of research, innovation.

5. Required information

• the candidate's name and date of birth;

• contact details of the candidate (address, phone, e-mail);

• the candidate's memberships in IFCS Member Societies;

• the title of the paper submitted by the candidate at the conference as a poster.


Deadline for Student Poster Session Competition Award nominations is July 1, 2022.

The Award Committe does not guarantee that nominations received thereafter would be considered.

Nominations must be submitted to IFCS Secretary Andrzej Dudek (

Awards Committee

Maurizio Vichi (chair), Abby Flynt, Tadashi Imaizumi, Józef Pociecha, Christian Hennig, Andrzej Dudek (IFCS secretary).