IFCS Research Medal for outstanding research

1. Description of the award

The International Medal for Outstanding research achievements in Classification is an award to recognize the exceptional achievements of an individual scientist (at least 35 years old on 1 July 2022) who has made fundamental contributions to the advancement of Classification, Clustering, Data Science and related topics over a number of years, with at least 10 year from studies. The award is open to individuals whose research, teaching, service and advocacy has had international impact and significantly benefited Classification, Clustering and other topics of interest of IFCS. Members of the societies affiliated to IFCS are invited to submit and/or sustain nominations.

2. Applicability and disbursement of the award

Award: $2500, plus medal (one award).

Disbursement of the award: It is compulsory that a candidate who has been selected for an award attends the IFCS conference and presents a paper in a scientific session. Under this condition, the IFCS Treasurer (or a designated representative by the President of IFCS) shall pay the award and give a certificate to the winners during the ceremony for awards of the IFCS Conference.

3. Application for the award

The candidate has to be nominated by a nominator who has to provide:

• an application form with his/her name and contact details;    

• the candidate’s name and contact details;

• a motivation letter highlighting the fundamental contributions to the advancement of Classification, Clustering, Data Science and related topics; the letter should be no longer than one A4 page of 11pt text.


4. Criteria of the evaluation

Originality of research, impact of research, quality of publications, innovation, other indicators of esteem reported by the nominator.


Deadline for nomination is February 14, 2022 February 28, 2022.

The Award Committe does not guarantee that nominations received thereafter would be considered.

Nominations must be submitted to IFCS Secretary Andrzej Dudek (Andrzej.Dudek@ue.wroc.pl)

Awards Committee

Maurizio Vichi (chair), Abby Flynt, Tadashi Imaizumi, Józef Pociecha, Christian Hennig, Andrzej Dudek (IFCS secretary).